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[17/09/2003] cpptools 0.1.5 released

This release introduces two new tools:

  • CppBinHierarchy scans library files (both .so and .a), object files and executable files to generate a graphic showing dependencies among them.
  • CppComment scans source files and translates C comments to C++, C++ comments to C or replaces them to a single space (strip).

[26/08/2003] cpptools 0.1.4 released

This release features cpptools' manual in pdf and CppText which generates a C++ program to output textfiles. It is very useful to implement generators, CGIs and filters.

[02/08/2003] cpptools 0.1.3 released

This release features CppRename, our first refactoring tool. It renames identifiers' names (classes, functions, variables) while preserving comments andstrings from changing. CppGprof2Dot which generates execution call-tree for profiled executables were added. Some new minor features were added.

[19/07/2003] cpptools 0.1.2 released

Version 0.1.2 released. Check it out!

[09/07/2003] Web site up and running!

The CPPTools web site (hosted by sf.net) is up! Many thanks to the CPPTools development team!

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